Citibank Hours

Citibank is part of the Citigroup financial group. Citibank became synonymous with low-interest rates in 2008-2009, but that was just part of a long process where low rates became the norm again.  Now that that is not being done anymore, you see the banks in the market charging higher rates, especially with student loans, which are also part of the credit card market. The banks are charging more on their mortgages and it is not the only reason.  Many young people who borrowed for their loans also took out student loans.

Its stock is listed on Nasdaq. Citibank’s first financial customer was the bank of Brooklyn in 1828 and is now its largest, holding approximately 1% of U.S. real estate. Citibank’s newest financial customer is the Bank of New York and New Jersey, holding approximately 7% of U.S. real estate.

Contacting Citibank to Verify Business Hours

Phone Number: 1-800-627-3999
Email Contact: There is no email contact listed to learn more about Citibank business hours. You may have access to an email form from your account after you log in.
Citibank Client Services 100 Citibank Dr. San Antonio, TX 78245
Social Media: Visit Twitter at @AskCiti to verify Citibank business hours.
Local Branch Verification: Visit Citibank’s website and enter your zip code to find a Citibank branch near you. Call the branch to verify Citibank business hours.