Comcast Hours

Comcast is one of the largest providers of home phone service, Internet service as well as cable service.

A number of major brands are currently using services from Comcast, ranging from ESPN to the New York Yankees to the Red Sox (including Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees).

The video below details the steps that are needed to reach a home phone representative. If you are a company that has been served by Comcast and would like to contact your representatives for your services, take a minute to click here to access the Comcast account portal, enter your details and click the “Get Help” button. Here is Comcast’s official guide for getting access to the home phone service representative:

What is the Comcast home phone service?

If your house and/or business has service from Comcast, it may be because the Internet Service Provider also provides Internet. If so, you can contact Comcast to view the available services based in your state.

Contacting Comcast to Verify Business Hours

Phone Number: You have the opportunity to reach out to the customer service department at 1-800-266-2278 or the corporate headquarters at 1-215-286-1700 during regular business hours. You can use the customer service hotline to reach the technical support department after hours.

Email Contact: Customers can reach out to the customer service department by email [+]or the customer feedback form [+]on the website. When sending a message, you will receive a response if you send your message during regular business hours. In the event the customer service department receives your message after hours, a customer care agent will reply the following business day.

Mail: Send you correspondence to the customer service department here: Comcast Corporate Headquarters One Comcast Center Philadelphia, PA 19103

Social Media: Customers can connect with the customer service department on the Google+ [+]page, the YouTube [+]page, the Facebook [+]page or the Twitter [+]page. If you post a message during regular business hours, a customer care agent will reply within 12 hours.