Walmart Hours

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Walmart is the largest retailer throughout the world. Its retail network includes 679,000 associates, 14,600 stores and 4,300 employees, and sells products of more than 70,000 retail brands in 37 countries. Walmart is a producer of quality goods and services in its stores and warehouse facilities and is responsible for over 25% of US household grocery revenues.  In addition to its retail portfolio, Walmart owns and operates 1,500 fulfillment centers across the world that produce products for over 60,000 stores and more than 2,000 suppliers.  It also operates more than 300 food pantries across the United States and Canada.

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world.  Walmart operates more than 2,500 stores in 45 countries and produces over 50.000 products a year.  In 2012, Walmart was responsible for providing to more people in the US than any other retailer. Walmart employees collectively make more than $150 billion dollars in salary, profit, bonuses and employee stock options.

For a company with profits of around $3 billion, it is clear that the company is not simply trying to be all things to all people.   If a CEO is willing to make over $150 million, then there is a strong argument to be made that they are indeed all that.

Contacting Walmart to Verify Business Hours

Phone Number: Customers can contact the customer service department at 1-800-925-6278. You can contact the financial services department at 1-877-294-7880. The business card services is available at 1-877-294-1086. The gift card services department is available at 1-888-537-5503. The pharmacy department is available at 1-800-273-3455.

Email Contact: You can send an email to the customer service department and ask questions relating to store operations or voice concerns about products or services.

Mail: Customers can send questions or concerns to the customer service department at Walmart Home Office 702 SW 8th Street Bentonville, AK 72716-8611.

Social Media: Customers can reach out to the customer service department through social media. Connect with a customer service agent on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or YouTube.

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